7 Reasons to travel to Singapore

Why travel to Singapore?

After our visit to Singapore, we can think of these 7 reasons to travel to Singapore. Come and visit Singapore and get to know this modern city that has surprised us so much.


Singapore eats great and for all tastes and pockets. From Chinese, Indian or Arabic food in street stalls, called Hawkers, to haute cuisine dishes prepared in sophisticated restaurants for the most demanding.

If you travel to Singapore we recommend you to make a list with the best Hawkers and restaurants in the city. While visiting Singapore’s most important places you can take a break and sit back and enjoy the country’s delicious food.

Be sure to try Singapore’s famous chili crab, the city’s typical pork rib soup, rice with chicken and carrot cake, you’ll be amazed.

Singapore conquered us with its stomach.

Architecture and modernity

We are accustomed to a Southeast Asia of madness: Noisy; full of loud colours, flavours and strong smells; dirty and disordered cities… A chaos. But Singapore is a modern city, very clean and with a futuristic architecture that impresses.

In the bay area you will find some imposing buildings: The famous luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands, the Science Museum, the Helix Bridge… and to see them all illuminated at night is a must.

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is said to be a city in a garden. Singaporeans have filled their city with beautiful and unique gardens.

Gardens by the Bay is simply sensational, and the light and sound show that takes place every night in the area of the giant trees is something not to be missed. In Singapore, you can also stroll through the world’s largest orchid garden.

City of Contrasts and Different Cultures

In Singapore, you won’t find just big buildings and a financial district. The modernity of the city contrasts with its neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little India or the Arab quarter and with the beautiful colonial architecture buildings of the late nineteenth century.

If you also have the opportunity to visit the Singapore National Museum and take the free guided tour explaining Singapore’s history, do it. You’ll be surprised to learn about the origins of this state and the mix of cultures, races, and religions that have been present since the country’s origins.

Free Activities

Singapore has the well-deserved reputation of being an expensive city, we can’t deny that. But, despite this, there are a lot of things you can do in Singapore for free or for very little money.

Food can be very cheap if you make it in the famous Hawkers (Street stalls). A plate of noodles with meat, vegetables or fish is around 5 Singapore dollars and a soft drink of pineapple or sugar cane the dollar.

You can also see the city on foot, walking quietly, because everything is quite close and you don’t have to spend a penny to get to know Singapore’s most famous neighborhood and enjoy the views of the bay from Merlion Park.

Entering the famous Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Botanical Gardens does not cost money and the nightly sound and light shows at Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands are also free.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport

Yes, Changi Airport is one of the most modern airports. It also offers more services than any other airport. But that isn’t why we consider it a reason to visit Singapore. It’s because of the number of flights to other destinations in Southeast Asia at quite economic prices that are made from this airport.

You can take the opportunity to get to know Singapore on a stopover from a flight to another Asian country or even to Oceania. You can also extend your trip by two or three to visit Singapore.

It’s easy to get to know Singapore by the way.

If you are looking for flights to Singapore or from Singapore we advise you to use the Sky scanner comparator. For us, it is the easiest tool to find the best flights.

Public transport

If you don’t like to walk too much, or don’t want to walk long distances, Singapore’s public transport is very economical, easy to use and connects the whole city.

We used buses and subways to get around some of the places we wanted to visit. They were further away from the center like the Botanical Gardens and Sentosa Island.

We also took the subway from the airport to the hotel as we noticed that there was no surcharge for traveling from the airport. There are also escalators and elevators at all subway stations, so you won’t have any problems, even if you carry a heavy suitcase.

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