Energetic house cleaning

Everything is energy and energy is everything!
But it needs purification to maintain the flow of energy. We do this with House cleaning San Diego services.

The goal of an energetic house – and living space cleaning is:

Clearing 2

The liberation of living spaces from heavy energies and vibrations.

Detaching of earthbound souls and soul parts.

Clarification of the energy structures after stressful life situations.

The regaining of a positive and lightful living environment.

Stressful living conditions such as quarreling, separation, serious illness, loss and strong emotions such as anger, displeasure or jealousy cause the energy level in our living spaces to drop.
Apartments, houses, offices and properties are full of energy. All beings leave their energy traces there, which then influence the lives of the inhabitants.
An energetic cleaning of the living space clears up the burdening energies and brings new energy and strength into your environment. Through this an improvement of the quality of life and the personal togetherness can be achieved.

Everyone knows that:
One comes into a strange dwelling and feels immediately well, or however a dwelling lets a bad feeling develop in us. One becomes restless and would like to leave it again.

Thoughts, feelings and actions are absorbed by our environment, stored and generate a corresponding “vibration” in rooms, houses and places.
Since our own feelings also consist of vibrations, they are strongly influenced by the vibrations of the place where we are.
If the oscillations are based on a “positive imprint”, this also has a positive effect on our mood, our well-being and on togetherness. If the vibrations in a room are rather stressful and heavy, this can lead to mood swings, restlessness or sleep disturbances. We perceive this unconsciously, but are often unable to classify it.
Also the energies of the previous inhabitants can be so strongly arrested in the premises that they find entrance into our energy system and change this.

An energetic house cleaning is advisable if you perceive the following in your rooms or life situations:

For a new move – to clean the energies of the previous owner or resident
In the case of the intention to buy an apartment in a house on a property: Historical events of the past centuries may be stored in the ground of the property – also a possible cause of burdensome energetic residues.
After a death
After or also during long illness
In case of separation, divorce, relationship problems
If you frequently experience stressful feelings such as anger, anger, anger, aggression in your rooms
In the case of recurring disputes.
If you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own home
For anxiety states and depressive moods
If you often feel tired and exhausted, although there are sufficient rest periods
After traumatic experiences such as abuse or violence.

Just as we humans can be an inn for foreign energies in the form of “occupations”, our home can also be a refuge for earthbound souls and soul parts.

Characteristics for this can be additional:

One has the feeling one is not alone at home.
When a pet suddenly behaves strangely.
Unexpected behavioural changes of the inhabitants.
One has the feeling “something” sits one in the neck.
When “inexplicable” things happen.
One feels observed.
Deaths in this place, also in the previous “inhabitant generations”.
In disputes about inheritance, sale of the property / house – even in previous generations.

Similar to a clearing the energy system of the human being is clarified, with an energetic house cleaning the rooms are cleaned from foreign energies. Using various techniques, heavy energies can be transformed or dissolved. Existing earth-bound souls and soul parts are led into the light with the help of the spiritual world and under consideration of the karmic laws.

Man needs energy to live: life energy – he draws this life energy from his living environment.

The way we deal with this life energy is responsible for our “energetic- spiritual- immune system”. The preservation or the increase of this life energy lies in the responsibility of each individual – on the one hand in the clarification of his self, on the other hand through the creation of a positive living environment.

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