Business traveler: “Bleisure”

The mere fact of traveling in search of greater sales and new markets is a sign of a visionary mind and a person who goes beyond the comfort zone.

“Bleisure” is the term used today to refer to the business traveler. This word is the fusion of business and leisure in English. It adapts to the business traveler’s desire to extend their stay and combine it with tourism and wellness activities by the end of their journey.

A business traveler knows that, if he or she organizes his or her time correctly, he or she can take advantage of each of their transfers to explore a new destination and live unique experiences.

The Life of a Business Traveler

Accustomed to learning new words, trying new foods and adapting to different cultures is only one part of their lifestyle. A business traveler knows that if he organizes his time properly, he can take advantage of each one of his transfers to explore a new destination and live unique experiences.

The importance of staying in a place with excellent connectivity, good privacy, exclusive comfort, central location and kind attention in its services; all to achieve the purpose of the business trip and at the same time, have the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings of the place.

Although idyllic, the lifestyle of business travelers is demanding, both physically and mentally. Boarding airplanes, arriving on time for important appointments, staying up late due to the world’s time differences, checking in / checking out at the hotel on time, planning your day’s agenda and combining it with some extra activity that enriches your person, are tasks that require character, discipline and skill without a doubt; they do it because they know that travel is necessary to expand their horizons and grow, both financially and professionally and personally.

Tips for the New Business Traveler

Now that I’ve explained what a business traveler is, perhaps you’ll look into becoming one. On that note, I’ll give you five simple tips to take note of as a new business traveler. Take a look!

#1 Pack Light

The last thing you want to do as a business traveler is wait for customs. Your best bet is to pack just enough to fit into a carry-on bag, check-in online beforehand, and head straight on through to your gate.

On top of getting through to your plane quickly, packing light allows you to get around quicker and with less hassle. If you need to trek for a while between terminals or ever find your hotel on foot, you won’t be burdened by so much weight.

#2 Check Your Travel Requirements Early

Just because you’re a businessperson doesn’t mean you won’t need to worry about visas and the like. First off, make sure your passport is always at least a year away from expiry. Plenty of countries don’t allow entry to passports that are expiring within six months.

On top of that, be sure to check up on whether there’s visa requirements for the country or countries you’re heading into. Requirements for each country vary based on your citizenship. Check in with your travel manager to get the most accurate results.

#3 Travel Insurance

As a business traveler, you should always pay for travel insurance. In my opinion, everyone should always pay for travel insurance, but it is even more important for you when traveling on behalf of a company! Don’t risk your company’s reputation or money by skimping out on a tiny insurance charge. Besides, the company will likely cover the cost for you anyway!

Man Sleeping on Plane

#4 Pre-Set Your Body Clock

When traveling to a different time-zone, it’s a good idea to prepare your body ahead of time. The last thing you need when heading out to a business meeting is jet lag.

Take the time to find out when night-time is in the new timezone and sleep at that time for the couple of days before you leave. This way by the time you arrive there, you’ll already be used to sleeping at night and won’t experience jet lag.

#5 Remember Where You Are

The most impotant thing to remember as you travel is that you’re representing yourself, your copany, and your country simultaneously. Take some time to read up on the culture of wherever you’re headed and be sure to respect it during your entire stay there.

Nothing screams professional and loyal business better than a respectful business traveler!

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