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I define cultural tourism as a form of active tourism, which aims to enrich individuals while strengthening the cultural heritage of local communities. As a consultant for the development and promotion of culture I often meet key officials in the field of tourism. On the basis of time and personal experience, I understood that the quality of tourism and its offer is not based solely on the resources of a given country. It is also based on the needs of today’s tourist.

I decided to write this article to help you in your search for better actions as a tourist. I propose cultural activities as the main pillar of travel and discovery.

It is unfortunate that some Mediterranean countries have gained the reputation they offer and how delicately this can be described as “love” tourist attractions. This also applies to many Asian countries. I acknowledge that this form of tourism exists and is in most cases linked to poverty other than ‘local cultural practices’. The same countries, on the other hand, are paradises on earth for high-quality tourism.

In order to look at a country from a cultural point of view, I recommend the following five actions:

1. visit local landscapes. These can be holy places, often associated with ritual practices. This gives an insight into both the local population and local customs. One of my favourites is Mt. Agung in Bali. You will feel such a strong local video and new spiritual horizons.

2. take the opportunity to stroll through the craftsmen’s districts of the old towns. My favorite place is the soap factory in Nablus, Palestine. It produces the best soap in history, associated with the production of soap in Damascus. You will learn how to make soap and get treasures for your home, while strengthening the local trade that has been practiced for 1000 years.

Each country has its own food specialties. I love Turkish ice cream, otherwise known as the taste of salep “dondurma”. Try these varieties and admire them. Soon you will receive free samples. This ice cream is cut with a knife!

Visit a local music party. I suggest you stay away from tourist concerts, they can become cheesy. My most intense musical experience took place outside the traditional Greek cafe. Several locals gathered and played improvisations on a bouzouki instrument. I danced all night long! I even learned it myself!

Take part in local sport. I made myself a fool trying to play rugby in India and laughed at myself like never before. The locals appreciated it so much that every evening I was invited to curry dinner!

As in all my articles, I encourage you to change the way you approach tourism for yourself and others. Get out of the usual way of spending an extraordinary holiday.

Cultural Tourism in India

Since ancient times, India has been mentioned in shining words as the personification of culture, heritage and tradition. India is a land of diversity. Its diversity is ubiquitous and continuous since the time of rulers such as Rajputs, Mughals, English and Portuguese. Besides, the country is also a powerful cauldron of different religions and heritage dominant since the time of these rulers. This cultural diversity has made India a very popular tourist destination.

Diversity in integrity

India’s heritage and culture is not limited to one or two regions. It is common throughout the country. Tourists can always discover something new and unique in every part of the country. They have also learned that different cultures spread throughout the country also bring integrity. Tourists travel through India and understand why this heritage has survived thousands of years and is still strong.

Cultural tourism in India

The diversity of the country, therefore, offers a number of opportunities for tourists. Cultural tourism in India.




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